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Scan a Box



We ship you a box, you set it up and fill it with all the files and documents you would like scanned. When full, seal the box shut, apply the provided return shipping label and schedule a pickup with your chosen return shipping carrier at checkout.

When we receive the box back at our facility, we will scan it for the embedded RFID chip unique to your account and electronically digitize its contents, uploading your indexed files to a secure link.  Upon scanning completion, a confirmation email will be sent with a link to download your files, along with the option to have your box returned to you or to have it securely destroyed at our facility.  If confidential destruction is chosen, we scan the box for the unique RFID tag, then weigh the box and record the destruction. We will then send you an email update with a link to your destruction video and certificate of destruction. Protect your family, clients and employees with this secure and convenient full circle digitization solution.


  • Designed to withstand shipping at maximum weight
  • Pop-up design offers quick and easy setup
  • Extra strength security tape for sealing box when full
  • Imbedded RFID chip linking your box, all scanned files and folders, as well as a video and certificate of destruction if destruction was selected, to your online account
  • Optional auto-renewal feature available from the My Cart page


  • Primary Color: White
  • Dimensions: 14"H X 14"W X 11"D
  • Outbound Shipping Weight: 1.1 lbs.
  • Maximum Return Weight: 35.0 lbs.
  • Folder/Paper Size: Letter/Legal
  • Lid Type: Fold over with chute

With Your Order, You Will Receive:

  • Secure, confidential document scanning
  • Free online account
  • Email confirmation of document receipt at facility
  • Email alert upon scanning completion (per box)
  • Optional Secure Destruction of Box and files
  • Video of destruction 
  • Certificate of destruction
  • Optional return of box and files
This quantity is too large for an online purchase. Please contact us and a member of our customer care team will be happy to assist you.