The Box

I'm having trouble assembling my box. What do I do?
What materials can I put into Shred a Box?
Are staples and paper clips ok?
What materials are not accepted?
How do I use Shred a Box?


Can you pick up boxes at my home or office?
Can I drop off my boxes to your facility?
Can I buy Shred a Box at any brick and mortar stores?
Is Shred a Box secure?


If I buy boxes online, how is return shipping handled?
What happens if I lose my shipping label(s)?
My box is full now – what do I do?
Can I opt out of your return shipping and handle it on my own?
How do I schedule a return pickup for my package?
What is included in the shipping charges displayed during checkout?
How long will it take to get my order?

The Process

How do I know when my box has been destroyed?
How does the Shred a Box process work?
How long will my destruction videos be available online?
How do I know it's my box in the video?
Why am I not receiving the destruction email alerts?
Will my box ever be opened?
I keep forgetting to re-order boxes. Does Shred a Box offer an auto-renewal feature?


What is HIPAA?
What is FACTA?
What is NAID?
Does Shred a Box offer regulatory compliance?


Why is my Promo Code not working?
I received the Confirmation of Destruction email, but the link to the Certificate of Destruction is not working from my Smart Phone and Tablet.
I forgot my username and/or password. What do I do?

Scan a Box

Where will my documents be shipped to?
How do I know my documents will be securely shipped?
Are my documents insured?
What boxes can I use?
Do I have to prepare any of the documents?
How long will it take to get my documents digitized?
How will you index files that are not labelled clearly?
What is OCR and why do I need it?
How do I know that my original files are shredded?
Can you send me the digital files on a thumb drive?