Our Mission

At Shred a Box, our goal is to provide you with the security and dependability you deserve in a company that handles your confidential information. After all, you’ve worked hard to establish your reputation and the company you choose to protect it should be just as diligent. Here is little bit about how we plan to meet your expectations.

Filling the Gap

At Shred a Box, we understand that confidential destruction is a necessary element to protecting oneself against identity theft in today’s modern world. At the same time we realized that a sufficient solution for residents and small businesses was lacking in the current marketplace. There seemed to be many services and vendors interested in servicing large corporations with lots of volume, but nothing catered to the average person or business owner. So we decided to change that. Our target market is the individual consumer and small business within the range of 1 – 100 employees. We aren’t looking to catch “the big fish” by only servicing large companies like many other providers. So if you have been turned down or put on the back burner by other vendors in the past, don’t despair – Shred a Box is here for you.

Information Security

Fixing the Problem

Through over 40 years of industry experience we realize the dirty little secret in the confidential destruction world. Materials sent into most shredding facilities are opened and hand sorted by factory workers and even worse your materials are oftentimes not even shredded, but are instead baled and sent overseas to paper mills leaving your sensitive information at risk. We felt these solutions to be completely inadequate and contradictory to their intended purpose, so with Shred a Box, we wanted to make everything transparent to our valued customer. That is why we grant you full access to view your unopened boxes as they are shredded so you can verify that they were never opened or tampered with and destroyed in a proper manner.