Why Shred a Box?

Shred a Box Versus the Competition

Shred a Box combines the benefits of other services into 1 single product. With Shred a Box, you get the best of all worlds with a convenient, secure and cost-effective solution while other services can typically only offer one of these features. Drop off centers and services offered at retail locations are somewhat secure but they require you to transport your materials to them. Mobile shredders are convenient but can charge hefty fees, and at-home shredding units can be a cheaper alternative but are inefficient and a hassle to use. Here’s a chart comparing Shred a Box with the competition.

Shred a Box Drop Off Services
Mobile Shredders
At Home Shredders
Total price for 35 pounds $11.95 + S&H
(S&H approximately $20*)
plus transport
+ up to $150 fee
Up to $1,000 per
Price per pound $.91 / lb.
including S&H*
$.89 / lb.
plus transport
$5.16 / lb. depends on
frequency of use
Visual confirmation of destruction image image
Certificate of destruction is provided image image
No one except you directly handles your private information image image
Not required to leave the home or office image image image
Online account management available 24x7 image
Online destruction history image
Documents are guaranteed to be recycled image

* Shipping & Handling charges estimated for New England region

Shred a Box is Secure

Why Shred a Box

Keeping your private information secure is our #1 priority. Here is how we make sure it is kept safe every step of the way:

  • Our custom-made boxes are specially designed to handle max weight during shipping.
  • Extra strength security tape seals the box completely shut so that not one file will be lost in transport.
  • We allow you to select the shipping carrier you feel most comfortable with.
  • We provide you with return tracking numbers to confirm that your boxes have safely arrived at our facility.
  • No one ever opens your box. It is destroyed in its entirety.
  • We provide you with a video of your box being shredded to confirm its destruction.
  • The video also visually confirms that your box has not been opened, damaged or otherwise tampered with.
  • ShredaBox.com is a secure website and we do not store any credit card information on our servers.

Shred a Box is Convenient

Customer Testimonials:

At Shred a Box, we realize your time is valuable. We don’t expect you to transport heavy boxes of files, stand in line or wait around for a mobile unit to show up. Not to mention trying to handle that clumsy office shredder that makes a mess.

Instead, the entire Shred a Box process can be managed without ever leaving the home or office. With your online account, you have 24x7 access to buy boxes, watch videos, download certificates of destruction, add notes to orders and much more. When your boxes are full, scheduling a pickup can be done at your convenience and according to your schedule. Plus, our helpful customer care staff is available by phone or email if you ever need a hand.

With our optional auto-renewal feature we will automatically send you boxes according to your chosen preferences. Our time-based option will resend you boxes every week/month/quarter, or our stock-based option will resend you boxes as you run low on inventory. Enable and set up your auto-renewal preferences on the My Cart page by clicking the icon and take the hassle out of remembering to re-order boxes.

Shred a Box is Cost Effective

The average retail price on today’s market for secure destruction is approximately $.89 per pound which doesn’t account for your time and gas to transport files, or even provide confirmation that your materials were destroyed. Mobile services don’t require you to transport but instead charge a hefty fee for showing up on top of their per pound price. Depending on your location, Shred a Box is available for a very reasonable average price of $.95 per pound... WITH shipping! See the chart below for more details.

Ready to get started? Order Boxes or Schedule a Pickup and enjoy all of the benefit that Shred a Box has to offer.