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Mail-In Destruction

File Folders

This service is ideal for both residential and small business use and allows you to securely destroy your documents without ever leaving the home or office. Purchase our custom made Shred a Boxes, fill them with your confidential materials, and ship them to us when full. Once received at our facility, we will shred the entire box as is. No one will ever open your box or have access to your private information. We video-record every box as it’s being shredding so you have visual confirmation of its destruction. A certificate of destruction is provided as well. And with our online system, you’ll be able to track packages, view order history, create notes, view or download videos and manage your account 24x7.

Do you have your own boxes you’d like to use instead? That’s ok too. Visit our Order Boxes page and select any of the 'Use Your Own' products to receive just the return labels.

Pickup Service

Pick Up Service

For purges, large jobs and cleanouts that are too big for mail-in, we offer a convenient pickup service. Contacting us is the best way to obtain a quote and to schedule a pickup that fits with your schedule. You’ll still be able to receive confirmation videos and certificates of destruction as well. If you’ve tried other pickup vendors in the past but were disappointed, don’t despair. Our target market serves private individuals and small businesses so you won’t be turned down.

For more information, visit our Pickup Service page or feel free to Request Quote anytime.

Drop Off Service

No more waiting for the next community "shred day." Drop off your boxes to our Manchester Facility Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM. We transport your boxes to our shredding facility where we will scan them, weigh them, record the destruction of each box and post the video to your free online account. We will even send you an email alert when the destruction is complete so you can log onto your user account and view the destruction of the box right away. Protect the identity of yourself, your family, your clients and your employees with this secure and convenient product.

Thief Stealing Credit Card Info

What Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft happens when someone accesses your personal information and uses it without your permission, most likely for his or her own financial benefit. Once your identity is assumed, the thief can then withdraw your funds, control your assets, make large purchases, open fraudulent accounts, take out loans, generate a criminal record and even receive medical treatment… all in your name! In the end, your credit and financial reputation are in ruins and you’re left to pick up the pieces. It only takes a moment and the thief can be a total stranger, an acquaintance or even a family member.

During 2012 alone, 12.6 million people in the United States fell victim to identity theft and lost over 21 billion dollars. That equates to 1 victim every 3 seconds!

In a single moment, without even knowing it, everything you’ve taken years to build can be put at risk.

How Can Shred a Box Help?

Being proactive and taking steps to secure your personal information is one of the best ways to ward off potential threats. This includes making sure that all of your confidential data and any materials that could potentially be used against you are securely destroyed when no longer needed.

Some examples of sensitive materials recommended for secure shredding include:

    Padlock and Checkmark
  • Junk mail such as pre-approved credit offers
  • Bank statements
  • Insurance documents
  • Tax documents
  • Employment records
  • Medical records
  • Invoices and bills
  • Payment receipts
  • Expired credit cards and debit cards
  • Expired driver’s licenses
  • Expired insurance cards
  • Legal documents
  • Financial records
  • Anything with your social security # on it
  • Anything above in your possession with someone else’s information on it

Our services will ensure that all of your private data is securely destroyed while taking out the hassle and high fees of many other options available in today’s market. By combining our expertise in shredding/recycling with technology, Shred a Box is the most convenient, secure and cost-effective solution out there.